The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2002-10-27 02:55:10 (UTC)

Words are freaky

Its amazing what one comment can do to a person. The
simple words you look really good. And I just got all
stupid and couldnt think of anything to say but you look
good too. I really like this girl and she talks to me and
doesnt treat me like im a retard and I dont know. She told
me I looked really good and I just got all stupid and didnt
feel so empty. I think I started to blush or something and
shes just really cool and I dont know. Its weird and I
didnt think I would ever find another girl I would like and
this girl is just amazing. To bad I cant tell this to her
face cause Im freaking shy ass bastard. Oh well.

Laters people.