Jena's Rants
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2001-08-08 12:52:34 (UTC)


So I saw Danceswithchimps this morning. What a treat, he
gave me the most wonderful gift. It is a Talisman, or more
appropriately a wonderful piece of WWII memorabilia. It is
Soviet, but awesome. I hate this gov't anyhoo. So Mr.
Fake and Flashy has come up with the biggest fish story I
have heard yet. Apparently the feds and some smoking gun
with $120M big ones in lost dough are all cast in his next
made for tv movie. This is such Bullshit! I don't
understand how he could ever expect us to believe this
schtuff. He really needs to seek some type of counseling.
My hair is a different color - AGAIN. Call it stuck at
home sick as hell with nothing to do but alter my
appearance. My Hoppy is such a doll, I have no clue how in
the hell he is capable of dealing with my retarded
behaviour. I can't understand it. I really do not believe
I am worth it, years of hammering the nail into my wrist
have made me believe that I am stuck on the cross. He
keeps trying to tell me the truth, they are still only on
the first nail, but I think I am already hung out to dry.
My perception is fucked, I need some PROZAC.