2002-10-27 02:06:25 (UTC)

Quilting, Reading and More

I'm enjoying my new sewing room. I spent a good part of
the morning pulling fabrics to make five of the blocks for
a quilt I'm working on. I now have the fabric pieces cut
out with matching threads so I can begin to applique them
tomorrow. Hopefully this week I'll be getting my
Hinterberg hoop. It tilts and rotates 360 degrees so this
will be great for making smaller quilts. The hoop is 22
inches and I plan to buy a 14 inch hoop as well as a half-
hoop for quilting edges later.

I've been reading a lot this month, mainly best sellers.
I've read Q is for Quarry by Sue Grafton, The Last Place by
Laura Lippman, The Art of Deception by Ridley Pearson, The
Big Dig by Linda Barnes and A Fearsome Doubt by Charles
Todd all in the past few weeks. Of those, the last book
was by far the best. I've just started The Murder Book by
Jonathan Kellerman and I have The Blue Shoe by Anne Lamott
on my nightstand as well. There are a few books waiting
for me at the library which I plan to pick up tomorrow
afternoon but there are no novels among them.

John's Aunt Janet is moving to Eugene from Falls Church,
Virginia and will be arriving with two of her nieces
(John's cousins whom he hasn't seen in decades) sometime
tomorrow. She's 82. The cousins will be here through
Wednesday. John's mother called to let us know this today
and she sounded harried. She also kept repeating herself--
I think I heard several stories at least three times during
that conversation--and she also was confused about some
things. I fear it isn't only Aunt Janet who's having
problems with memory.

Aunt Janet's boxes of things have arrived and are waiting for her in
the apartment she's rented in a retirement community. Her
car, too, has arrived via motor transport. I was glad she
kept her car. I'll be nice to see her again and to have
her near.