listen to my silences
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2002-10-27 01:46:04 (UTC)

the best laid plans of mice and men...

so i didn't get to take brodie out yesterday. in the
morning my car was being difficult to shift. but i picked
him up and we went to uofl and went to my first class.
afterwards we went to the gas station and it was still
being difficult to shift. so we started to go but i went
the wrong way. i tried to turn around and then it wouldn't
shift at all. except into reverse. so i backed up and put
it into neutral and brodie pushed it out of the road. we
had to get it towed to new albany and then wait for my
grandpa to come and get us. we found out that the clutch
went out. it sucked. i was/am real upset about it. but
brodie made me feel better and helped me look up about it.

so i read three books because i had no car and no way to go
anywhere. and i was upset so i didn't really want to do
anything anyways. and i had another seizure. scared me a

so...yeah. i called jonathon and we talked and he finally
got out of me what was going on (the seizure stuff) so we
talked about it and i ended up crying a lot. he convinced
me to do the right thing (na motto lol) so i told my rents
and i called brodie so i could talk to him. he cheered me
up like he always does. so i slept okay last night. then
today i cleaned my room and the kitchen and did all my
homework for the next week and talked to my bro and helped
him with his homework. then jonathon came over for like
two hours to talk and he helped me sort a lot of things
out. then i got on here and jenn imed me and gave me some
good advice too. so thanks to the three of you you're all

final thought: all i wanted, all i asked for, was one day.
just one day.