Mysterious Attitude
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2001-08-08 11:50:13 (UTC)

Sunday Aug. 5-Tuesday Aug. 7, 2001

*Time:6:15am on Wednesday Aug. 8,2001
*Wearing: A jean dress sorta thing
*Jewelry: Tha Usual
*Hair: Down messed up
*Listenin to : nothing
*Eating/Drinkin: nothing
*Song of the day : I Love U In Me- Prince
*Weather: All the days have been hot
*Talking to : no one
*Mood: Tired/Lazy lol
*After I Write: Take a shower, clean up a little, and
rewrite Bobby's letter...
*Thinking: Whoa My computer is messing up again... :( The
last few days have been... ummm crazy??


Quite a bit happened on Sunday... first of all I stayed up
for almost 24 hours... and when to work with my mom (I was
looking good if I do say so myself hehe)... at 8 sumthing
uncle Bear came into the gas station and I asked him if he
could take me to the flea market... he was like yeah... so
we left but the part of the flea market we needed to get
into was still closed until 9... so we walked around
outside joking and laughing... and got back into his Tow
Truck... hehe yeah baby!!! We started to drive when he cell
phone rang... I guess it was the cops and he had to go and
tow a car... so I got to see him tow away this guys car...
He took the car back to this place then we headed back to
the flea market... the lady who has to fix my braclet
wasn't ready yet so me and Bear walked around for 20
minutes while she got ready and fixed my mom's and my
braceletes... then after she fixed them... me and Bear
left.... and went back to the gas station... I asked my mom
if I could go with uncle Bear back to his house... she was
like yeah... so I kissed her and me and Bear left and
headed to his house... when I got there Justin was in the
bathtub, Renee was sleeping, Judy was in her room, and Joe
was leaving to pick Ce Ce up... so I sat on the couch and
waited for Justin to get out of the shower so I could give
him the stuffed animal I won for him... when he got out I
gave it to him... and I went with him downstairs to his
room to watch him get ready like he does to me lol... there
isn't nothing like seeing a shirtless hot guy get ready...
hehe he put the doggy I gave him on his dresser and he was
talking to everything else on the dresser... lol he was
like ok u all u have to move over and make room for the dog
cuz he is special... I was like awe... and I sat on his bed
talking to him... then out of no where... I was like Justin
u have a ghetto booty... lol he was like no I don't... I
was like yeah u do when u want it... lol so we started to
joke around and what have u... and when we went back up
stairs I sat on the couch and said hi to Joe and Ce Ce...
well Justin just walked passed me... and sat on my lap... I
was like omg no he just didn't... lol I was trying to make
it sound like I didn't like what he did but lord knows I
loved it... hehe well anywho Renee took me back to the gas
station at 1pm... I sat there until my mom got off... and
we left at like 2:30pm... when we got home I noticed that
our caller id was working... so I went to scan all the
numbers on it... when I come aross Jack's...I was like omg
he called me... lol so I called his cell phone... and one
of his cousin's answered.... I guess that he woke Jack up
cuz when he got on the phone he was like hello... who is
this? I was like it's Helena.. he was like okay... in a
smart ass tone I mind u... and he was like damn u woke me
up... I was like damn your a lazybone... I'm sorry my
caller id is working now and I saw that u called me... he
was like yeah... I was like well I will let u go so u can
go back to bed... (it was like 3:30pm) he was like ok...
and we hung up... So I jumped online for a few minutes and
then got ready to go swimming at Laura's Jo's... which I
wish I didn't do now :( It was fun at first until my mom
got out of the pool.... then Dj and Kevin were getting on
my nerves.. eww I don't like Dj that much she thinks she is
all that and she is like sooooo immature.... she started to
talk bout Andria...and I was like u don't need to be saying
anything bout her around me cuz she is my gurl and she has
always been there for me... so u need to shutup and keep it
to yourself.... well anywho my mom,David, and I left from
there at like 8:30pm... stopped to get sumthing to eat and
like as soon as I got home I went to bed... at 10 Andria
called me... I was like opps I'm sorry I forgot to call u
before we left... she was like oh that's ok...so we talked
for a few minutes...then I let her go so I could go back to
sleep... and that's bout all I think....


On Monday I woke up to find I had sum ghetto version of
pink eye... it wasn't to bad at first but later on that
night it was pretty bad...I guess it was from swimming I
dunno... but anywho all I really did was stay online... and
guess what!!! I got an online gurlfriend now..her name is
Amanda and she is like sooooo beautful.... hehe she is such
a sweetie and she is the same age as me so that's all
good :) Hehe I'm a player I know... so what lol
I talked to almost all of my friends online this day...
even Jack... I was telling him that I wasn't going to call
him anymore cuz when I do he is always busy, sleeping, or
not home... all he could say was "U Can Call" I was like
umm ok whatever... lol Well after being online for like
ever I signed off... and at like 10 that night I was
outside talking to my uncle Jr... and sumhow we got onto
the subject of being bi... and I came out and told him I
am... he didn't really say anything I guess he was to
shocked to... lol but at least he wasn't mad....
I couldn't sleep all that night cuz of my damn eye... so I
started to write Bobby back... and while I was doing
that.... I called my old pager to find the number was still
on so I changed the voice mail saying it wasn't working and
more and to page me at my new number... well somehow I left
myself a message... and what do u know... my pager went
off.... so yeah that's right my old pager is back on!!!! I
didn't think it would ever work again after being dropped
into a bathtub full of water but it does so yay!!!
Anywho... I got back online at 6 sumthing.... and I wrote
a few emails to friends cuz I was bored out of my mind...
and I fianlly went to bed at like 11:30am... hehe man I
need to get my sleeping patterns fixed lol...


Umm.... all I really did this day was stay online also...
what fun huh? I couldn't really do anything else cuz of my
eye... I got woke up at 5 sumthing cuz Andria paged me...so
I called her back talked to her for a few minutes... and
that's bout all I did all day... ohh yeah my mom got her
false teeth now!! They look odd but hey at least she won't
be in as much pain as she was before :)Well.. umm I went to
bed at 10pm... and now here I am up and I think I got my
sleeping patterns back on track :) So go me!!!


Ohh yeah on one of them days... I got Kelly's number...
yay!!! So I will probably call her later on today... I
can't wait.... hehe and she has my number also so she will
be calling me 2 :) Sam will also be calling me soon so that
will be pretty cool to hear from him :)
Another thing.... on Monday I think it was... Joe got put
into jail for taking Renee's car without asking... and then
proceed to speed around the block.... he could've killed
sumone...so I guess he has court today (Wednesday) I hope
the judge goes easy on him... ::crosses her fingers::


Well I guess that is all that happened from Sunday to
Tuesday... so I guess I shall go for now.... peace be
wild... catch ya later!!!