~*~Day Dreamer~*~

Shitty Life Of A Teen
2001-08-08 11:37:09 (UTC)

its to early

hello. well here it is 4:22am and i have been up almost an
hore already, its to fucking early to be up. i went to bed
at midnight and well i dint get much sleep i think i am
just going to sleep on the couch, i cant barly sleep in my
bedroom, i just cant fall asleep and thats were i hear the
voices. well right now i am watching cat dog, i lvoe
cartoons :) im so bord right now i cant find anything to
do, its so cold out side right now im coverd up in a
blanket in fron of the computer, man i look so lame tight
now, my hair is all, well, poofy. i guess thats what you
could call it. bev and don is fighting right now well they
were when i was over there last, only cause bev went wilt
tammy and dint come home till like 8 pm. she left early in
the morrning well not this early. i watched cast away, good
movie it end themost lamest way any other movie has ended.
now star cant go to the blink 182 concert,HA!!!!!! man im
so happy i could, i dont know fucking cry her a river. man
i think its funny she has a problem of lieing to every one,
she promised that she wouldnt lie to me, but she did and
that pisses me off, i cant stand liers!!!!! they make me so
mad. i cant belive that she lied to me after telling me she
wouldnt, thats the bad thing she said she wouldnt then she
turd around and started to lie to me. man i just want to
walk up to her and fucking kick the shit out of her right
now. i havent left the house again sence i went to the
store with my mom like a week ago, i cant bellive i would
never leave the house, i just dont fell i need to i have my
fun, and i get done whats need to be done. man i just think
i will never leave again. man i will never ever give anyone
my trust again, everyone i have given my trust to has
fucking hurt me in the worst way anyone can hurt someone, i
bet no one understand what i am saying, well i
have to go puke now so peace

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