aLL mY SeCReTs
2001-08-08 11:30:06 (UTC)

DaY 3

Mood: upset
Music: Pop - NSYNC

hey dudes
i so totally forgot that the internet is getting
disconnected tonight so i cant do a new entry till when im
in Sydney. Owell. Im only listening to this song coz
whenever im on the net i listen to the radio. Yeah and im
upset coz about 5 mins ago i found out that a family friend
passed away, really sad. Todd rang me, he's real sick,
dunno whats wrong with him but he's sick. Im on icq talking
to Jai. He's telling me about him getting his bag searched.
He's a very interesting person. Im really waiting for renee
to come online, she wont tho. Well thats really all i came
on to say, Talk to ya on monday okay diary, and i'll tell
ya about my plane trip and all the famous people i sit next