2002-10-26 23:05:24 (UTC)

yea im sick ::cough:: yuck... i..

yea im sick ::cough:: yuck... i was supposed to do so much
shit this weekend.. i told like everyone id hang out with
em.. i was supposed to go shopping las night with kate then
go to the football game with nicole and chelsi then have
caitlin spend the night then today i was supposed to go
shoopping with paige then party with paige n jay n manda n
kendra fer jays birthday then tomorrow im supposed to hang
out with kate n jake so we can get our tongues pierced and
then go to the local with paige and jay an manda to meet
katie an her peoples.. but ahh yuck i jus wanna die! i feel
like shit bleh..

oo that guy that they arrested fer bein the guy that sold
the car to the snipers? yea my 'uncle' mark is friends with
him hah.. thats why we dont talk to 'uncle' mark anymore
because he do bad things hehehe..

i just watched a really awesome thing about nirvana on
mtv2.. god i love Kurt.. hes the shit man rawr.. i still
dont have all the cds dammit.. and i want the box set to
come out so that i can get it! and ooo hot topic has this
really awesome Kurt Cobain shirt and im gonna die if i dont
get it! lol gotta LOVE that guy..

i went to see my new counselor yesterday after school.. hes
allright i guess, not anything special.. at least he wont
check out my dad like that chick i had before lol. i think
ill do a lot better with him then i was doin with Karen,
god she sucked ass! we didnt really get to talk much
because it was like a hour of paperwork n shit.. but yea i
guess im gonna stick with it, it wont hurt me.

TIA'S BI!! holy shit yes! ive liked that girl since i met
her but i always thought she talked like she was a
homophobe so i never told her i liked girls.. turns out she
thought I was a homophobe lmao! me, a homophobe??? hahaha..
but yea you have no idea how awesome this chick is.. rawr.
i wish she lived closer to me, i wanna hook up with her soo

yesterday at lunch some asshole dumped nacho cheese on
Jonathans head.. isnt that mean?? i hope johnny boi kicks
his ass when he comes back to school, that guy needs to be
set straight, preferably by a gay guy hah. i luv jonathan

theres this other bi girl at SC that i dont know her name,
but i think shes really really hawt.. im gonna have
jonathan introduce me to her cause he knows her.. i want a
gf soo bad right now! you have no idea! i wanna like meet
her an hook up with her or hook up with ^nameless^ (i still
dont know her god damn name! ahh) or something.. i jus hate
bein alone blah

and yea Kates out cause her and Jake are like closer than
ever now lol.. jake might be playin with a band or sumthin
thats touring with warped tour next year, how sweet is that
shit? kates like 'i might get to go to the playboy mansion!
hell yea them chicks are hawt!' lmao.. im like I WANNA
GOOO! hehehe..

YAY halloween is on thursday! i love halloween! i dont know
what me n paige are doin yet but i know were doin sumthin..
an were prolly gonna ga hang out with jay on fri an get
drunk yay thatd be fun.. im gonna be soo messed up at
school on fri, i just dont know what im gonna do to end up
that way yet hah, but i mean whats halloween if youre sober
right?? oh well im gonna have fun, i know that much =P

ive been talkin to this author Sara Ryan about my book (i
finished it yahoo!) and she sounds kinda interested in it
YAY! im sending her a few chapters and an outline and
shit.. i hope i get it published! that would be soo
awesome! its like one of my goals in life to be a published
author, but itd be even more awesome if my dream came true
when i was like fifteen or sumthin.. i dunoo i just hope
everything goes well and sara ryan writes me a
recomendation.. =D im already ahead of myself tho, me and
Kate started a book cover lol..

HAHA my dad just told me this ghey joke.. okay, how come
blondes never talk when theyre having sex?? get this, their
mom told them not to talk to strangers! GAWD THATS GHEY!
its funny tho hahahaha.

oo the video fer smells like teen spirit is on, yahooo

well thats about it fer now, im gonna go work on my
homepage =P


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