2002-10-26 22:28:24 (UTC)

love's got a ghetto

la la la la la la la
this song is funky
it makes me want to dance
i've got a headache and i slept till 3:30 this afternoon
i'm still in my pjs
this is great
i might babysit tonight
that means money
my papadeoux turns 50 nov 30.
need to figure out what to get him
need to figure out what to be for halloween
goin old school trick-or-treating this year
it's gunna be great
next thursday
wanna go to concert next friday
hope i can
things are normal between me and jenn i think
we lay all over eachother on the bus
she wrote me a note at school friday
i hope i get a great score on my psat
i'm nervous
the furture comes faster than the past goes