Up here the light
2002-10-26 21:40:05 (UTC)

banshee birds

they all keep screaming outside the window. it is so warm
here and everyone is eating dinner but i will wait another
hour to go in when there arent as many people. i tried to
call mr. green but got voice mail. he used to make me
laugh when i called his phone......

if you want to avoid seeing a grown man curl up into the
fetal position and cry like a little baby please leave a
messege-thank you.

ive been working all day and will work some more when i
leave here. throat is sore. sleep sounds so delicious.

need: tea

brush my teeth
scarlets walk (3 more days)

ive never done a journal online before. lets see how
boring i can be.

XTC - nonsuch
Over the Rhine - good dog bad dog
Dead Kennedys - bedtime for democracy

nothing tonight....headache.

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