aLL mY SeCReTs
2001-08-08 08:47:39 (UTC)

DaY 2

Mood: Normal
Music: Hanging by a moment - Lifehouse

Ahoy hoy.
Todd didnt come to school today. I was all sad, but i
lived. I had crappy school, had multimedia and outdoor ed,
didnt hafta hand up my project which was good. I'm real
bored. Savage garden are on the radio. Even the radio must
be bored. Only i dunno how many days till i go to Sydney.
Cherri's going to court tomorrow about her shoplifting,
bloody criminal she is. Let me tell you about Sarah
Howlett. No accually why would i waste my typing spave on
that stupid, ugly, bitch whore? Mya's on the
radio..."single sexy and sweet" yeah. Well i'm gonna go
mope around the house till Todd calls. I so totally trust
him when im away. I think. There is this one girl, but we
wont go there will we?