A Dream Within A Dream
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2001-08-08 06:46:13 (UTC)

A Dream Within A Dream. . .

I've never really been a great diary lover. . . I've owned
countless bound volumes with still plenty of blank pages
left, waiting to be scored by my now forgotten pens -- lost
bookmarks -- of my past. I thought that this diary thing
would be much easier to use, so I guess I'll give this a

Since my past is. . . dead. . .not really. It's burried in
the darkest recesses of my mind, in the hopes that, with
time, the secrets and burdens will be forgotten. People
treat others by how much they know of them. . . I guess that
saying about how one it's difficult and takes a lot of work
to gain another's trust, but very little work to lose it.
In hopes of trying to cover up crevasses of the past, this
diary will be the epitome of my dreams. . . wishes. . .and.
. .desires. A beacon of optimism for my soul.