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Matt's Whining and Bullshit
2001-01-27 05:19:28 (UTC)

*Shanen* Just got back from a..


Just got back from a party, let's see if I can think of
everything that happened. Well first I had to ride there in
between Andrew Corey and Rob, ugh, and listen to their
perverted jokes about whatever. Then we get there, people
finally start getting there, and during the course of the
party, we all start dancing, of course. Ray avoids Erin the
whole night even tho he's been waiting for this party to
ask her out, for a long time. Erin is trying to hide from
Ray and hide from everyone else at the same time(along with
Jessi y) cuz they dont like to or cant dance or sumthin
like that. But the truth is EVERYONE can dance, they just
feel stupid doing it at 1st. SO we're all dancing and
Andrew managed to break the chandeleer and picture frames.
We all went out back, and Jen Amanda Kris n Erin got on the
snow ccovered roof n start dancing, and everyone else ran
away to the roadside to stand in the middle of the street?
Me and Erin got lost and were hiding in the bushes b/c
Jennies Dad was looking out the windows, and then a bat
came outta nowhere and scared the hell outta me. Andrew n
MArisa were off in their own lil world. Marc Nini. decided
to put on a strip show, oh yea and he mooned
everyone....right after Andrew, ugh. I saw way too much
unwanted ass 2nite. Therez only one sexi ass i like;-)

I finally saw Sean dance, after knowing him that long, I
had never seen him dance once. Oh yea, and it was funny
watching Corey attempt to, while me Kait n Erin n Jess
attempted to teach him...funny stuff.Oooh and I forgot to
add Jen's mom came in and saw part of Marc's strip show.
Then we watched a movie made by some kids in our school: Mo
Vikings Mo Problems.

Um...thatz about it I guess, have bball early in the
morning, UGH!!!!!!

Didn't get to see Matt that much today, but therez always
the weekend, hopefully.

Oh yea I forgot to add....we beat Howell!!! We beat
Howell!!!!!!! It was close but we beat them, yessss, see
thatz a big accomplishment for me cuz theyre really good,
and I live in Howell, and I know all the people. And we
actually had a big audience today, andrew n mel n michele n
amanda andrea and everyone came to watch! Oh and even more
good news, I got back my french, english, and algebra
midterms. Ugh algebra...bombed that(well in my parents
p.o.v.'s) with a C , french I gotta A-!!! yess, and even
better, english i gotta A(95)!!!! So happy.

Will w/b soon.