Von Bien-Synn
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2001-08-08 06:30:39 (UTC)


Today has been quite hectic. I put the motorcycle in the
shop. It had some exhaust probblems. I ran into some real
assholes today... People almost got hurt, to put it simply.

I went to a casino with a bar in it.. Where I had a beer,
the bartender caught my eye slightly, then we started
talking.. Come to find out she knows about my family.

I get uneasy so I rest my hand on my pistol and she thinks
I am going to rob her..

From there it got a little violent. I have come to the
conclusion that she is my little sister that my parents
wanted to find, yet told me she was most likely dead.
Shit isn't adding up at all. She denie's being my sister..
Yet I can tell she is, just by looking at her. Well I am
not sure how everything will work out..

I am definatly giving mom and dad a call. This shit is
disturbing.. Maybe the rumors I have heard are true?

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