The jerk files
2001-08-08 06:20:55 (UTC)


Woohoo!!! Money came today. In the form of a welfare check.
LOL jk. (really) My dad got paid and we went and spent it.
Lets see,.. i woke up,..(to no breakfast) you know how it
is the day before pay day. I had Honey Nut Chex and string
cheese and tostitos cheeze dip. Dont ask. I then proceeded
to do chores and shower and get ready. I couldnt find a
shirt that was not wrinkled and i didnt feel like ironing
one either. So i wore a jersey....again. I then moped
around and practiced on my guitar for a while. My friend
was supposed to go to the mall with us but something came
up and she couldnt go...I will never forgive her for that.
JK!! =) It wasnt that cool though,.. for the first time in
a long time i went to the mall with no money of my own. I
just sat there on a bench while they walked around the
mall. I went into some stores by myself and just thought,,
what am i doing here? I was in a sad mood the rest of the
day. I dont know why. Oh well. We went to target and i sat
in the eatery place thingy. I had an icee. Do you ever get
into a sad mood and honestly not know why? (Honest to God i
dont know why.) I was in no way mad, but when people ask
me "What's the matter?" over and over again, i get sooo
pissed. (guys everywhere agree with this.) We're not
lying,.. there is no reason,.or we just cant figure out
what it is. Whatever. I came home at about 9 00 pm. And
checked the messages...i knew it was coming,...There was a
message from someone i was supposed to call earlier. CRAP!
I tryed to call back, answer,..actually, i didnt know
if it was the right number cause when it was recited,
was kinda fast. lol Oh well i then waited for the family to
get home and got online to write in this thing. Its kinda
good i feel better after i write in it. I am going to write
a song soon. I dont know what about...maybe my life.

Things I dont like

1. Onions (only onion rings)
2. Tea thats not sweet
3. Alot of pink
4. Tomatoes
5. Regular V8 juice BLAAKKK!!!
6. Having no money
7. Ishmaal Barrerra guitars LOL (inside joke)
8. When people barge into my room early in the morning when
im still sleeping
9. When my brother snores at night and, no matter what i
throw at him, he still snores. And then i get up and hit
him on the head, and he stops,..but only for a second.
10. Stupid drivers that almost kill you.