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2002-10-26 17:44:40 (UTC)



Today is supposed to be the day that you get a lot of nice
Reenergizing sleep right?? Well I had to be out of bed at
7:31 this morning to go to play practice. But I am sure ill
Find sometime today to take a nice long nap. : -P Play
Practice went well though. We got done almost 2 hours
Earlier then we thought that we would! So that’s a good
Thing. But while we were they’re sitting, well actually
Standing backstage I was talking to Kacey and tanner and
They were wondering just why it is that I can’t go to
Dances. So I started explaining and then they were all
Like...ok now but that imp English. Cuz I talked about lust
And lasciviousness and alladat stuff. And then they were
Like oh well I can see why they wont let you go then. And I
Was like THANK YOU! Cuz usually people are just like that’s
Stupid I mean why can’t you go. And then I have to repeat my
Self 5 billion times. So I was glad someone understood my
Parents and my view on this topic. Well I'm going to get so
Later all!