Hair Of The Dog
2001-08-08 05:56:19 (UTC)

Life in the Northern Territory, Australia

Well, so now I have a personal online diary. Cool. I could
never be dedicated enough to continually write in a normal
diary. Let's see how this goes.
So here I am, sitting in the Northern Territory
University's library. Gotta wait around an hour for the Uni
bar to open, it's my night out pretty much, Wednesday. Got
a good pay too this week, sweet mate! Worked friday,
saturday, sunday, and monday at the pub, and geez was it
frickin busy! Still, the money's all good, there was a few
sexy babes with eyes for me, and I found a $20 note on the
way out on monday night. These big Maori fellas wanted me
to go out drinking with them after work on Monday but I
couldn't. They were up in Darwin with the New Zealand navy,
good blokes, but frickin big! Huge muscly fellas over 6ft
tall, but surprisingly open and friendly. Very polite too.
The bouncers got into a brawl for me too. Some stupid idiot
thought he was real funny by slightly pushing one of the
stacks of glasses I was carrying with his finger. The
manager saw him and got shitty with him, I think the bloke
got a bit cheeky back and got thrown out. Anyways I
remember walking past this window and looking outside to
see our bouncers in a punch-up with these guys. Naturally
the smartarses got seven shades of shit punched outta them,
our bouncers are best not brawled with or one could find
themselves being torn a new arsehole.
Well I woke up last sunday morning to find a 2m saltwater
crocodile on my back porch, something new for me. It had to
do with this thing my dad was doing for his swimming club.
They just won a national award of some wierd sort. The BBC
overseas awarded them Best Motivational Tactics for a
Sporting Body. That kicks arse soooo much. The swimming
club came first, Manchester United came second, and the
French Rugby team came third. That kicks arse. Apparently
overseas they were getting quite a bit of attention for
putting crocodiles in the swimming pool and training with
them. The NT News here (a newspaper for anyone reading
this) did a small article in the paper on it, and the TODAY
show also reported on the even. My dad is president of the
club, they won the award for all the swimming around with
crocs and that. Manchester United threw icy cold water on
their naked players to place second, and the French Rugby
team ate sheeps genitalia I think (yucko).

45 minutes to go, shit I typed all that in 15 minutes....

There's this one cute chick in my tutorial group for CUC104
Northern Exposure, all about the Northern Territory. I just
started in that tutorial group this afternoon, it's a
little boring, but oh well I guess Uni was never designed
to be fun. She's not a stunner or anything like that, but
there's something about her that I really like. Not sure if
it's the way she looks, the way she acts, or a combination
of a number of subliminal things, but I like her. However
as we were walking out I saw her spark up a cigarette.
Yuck. I quit smoking over a year ago and flat refuse to
date a smoker. I remember watching an episode of SEX AND
THE CITY once where that blonde chick who is the lead
character is in love with some guy who won't date a smoker
and I think at first she was arguing 'Why not?' with him as
he refused to date a smoker. I'm with him. It's a
disgusting habit and it makes you stink. I am still to this
day in love with an ex of mine called Amy, went out with
her years ago and always thought I'd end up marrying her.
We both smoked at the time so it wasn't a problem, but now
we've broken up, I've quit, and she's still puffing away. I
love her so much, but if I had the opportunity to go out
with her again I would turn it down. Or perhaps try to
convince her to quit. I'm sure a lot of hardlined feminists
would read this and say 'CHAUVANISTIC MALE PIG!' but I
would try just because I love her. So many beautiful women,
so many of them are smoking, so many wrinkled up ugly faces
and smelly breaths and yellow skin to appear in the future,
so much lost beauty. It's a crying shame.

Shit, 20 minutes past, it took me 5 minutes to type that
last paragraph, hmmmm not bad, I enjoy my touch typing
skills, it makes typing up huge assigments and essays a

Oh well, here's hoping that I stick to my diary. I'd love
to be able to look back one day on all the cool stuff I've
done. Next entry I must add a little bit of detail on
myself, a short bio, so that I can remember what I was like
in time to come. Ciao.