2002-10-26 16:40:48 (UTC)

Maybe I Might

If fogiveness is a virtue, it shouldn't come so easy
Of course it's been a long time since I could see your face
But it shouldn't feel so easy, it shouldn't be so right, now
I shouldn't feel like everything is falling into place
But I'm starting to believe that I really could belong here
And maybe I don't hate you and this could be all right

Oh, the future I hid from was so bright
I'm begininning to think that maybe I might
Find a place where I could fit in here
And all my friends were on your side
All the nights I lay awake and cried
Now there's a place I could belong right here

If I could do it over, I never would have loved him
Of course that's easy to say now that he's so far away
But the truth is that he draws me, magnetic personality
Je ne se quois, panache and life, I don't know how to say
But I guess that doesn't matter, now that I think about it
Shakespeare was prolific and maybe I'm profound
But like I said before, I guess I will be happy
I know that I'll be happy if you only stick around

I'll wait for you
If you want me to
O just want you
To do the same to me

Oh, the future I hid from was so bright
Anbd now I'm hoping that maybe I might
Still have a chance to love you hard again
And all the many ways I've tried
The nights I'd lain awake and cried
And I'm still standing, I'm still standing here