One hell of a life
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2002-10-26 15:34:06 (UTC)

10-27-02 entry four

There used to be some sort of "factual information" here on
this page...but then I read it and realised it looked pretty
gay so I took it off.

Anyhow, reading other people's diaries can be sorta...
interesting for some reason. For example I really enjoyed
reading this chick's diary, ummmm her name was...oh yeah,
all4sk8terboyz...anyway...i'm blabbering on again...i do that
sometimes...alot actually, especially around hot guys. Well,
all guys.

Omg...we were SO pathetic yesterday...Lois and I could NOT
stop cracking was before Stage, we went "TRICK OR
TREATING". Oh well, we were too old for it and did NOT dress
up in costumes but we scammed off all this cool candy from
my neighbours. The shitty thing is that some of them I see
every day. But who cares, I don't. I got free candy - so
life is great! Okay...whatever. I'm SO WEIRD. I talk about
absolute crap all the time.

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