Malu Lani

Dear Diary
2002-10-26 15:02:48 (UTC)

A New Start

Well it has been a while since the last time I wrote, but
hey, I live an exciting life, you can't expect me to write
everyday.....haha that was a funny joke. So yeah, I got a
new job! Yay. Too bad Capri is my boss. Oh well, I'll
have to suffer through it, it's $11.50 an hour. And that
means I get to pay off all my debts. Then Brad says after
all my debts are paid, we can start looking for a new
vehicle for me! YAY! I'm so excited.

Shawns almost done putting in Brad's system. I hope he
really loves it, because right now he doesn't even have
enough money for rent. He had to call his mom, she wasn't
all that happy since she just sent him $4000 like 3 weeks
ago. It's really terrible that she does that. Because
Brad is 30. He should be able to take care of himself by
now. I understand that he's having a really hard time
finding work right now, but seriously....Then that's not
the worst part, he gambles his money away! He played Mike
Sandaval like 3 or 4 days ago. He lost $100. Mike is a
hustler, that's what he does for a living. Of course he's
going to take Brad's money from him. And then he played
A.J. yesterday and lost $50 to him. Not including what he
lost today to some guy. I don't know who this guy was but
from what everyone says, he's a huge hustler. He does it
to everyone. And Brad was perfect bait. I was pissed,
then Brad was pissed because he he acted like a
prick to me. That's the worst thing about him gambling is
when he loses he acts like an asshole to me. I don't tell
him to gamble, that's his own damn choice. Sheesh.

Hummm, what else. 6 days until Brad and I go to see Carlos
Boozer play. I'm SOOO excited. I haven't seen him since
the last day of school 3 years ago. Errr over 3 years
ago. We're sitting 5 rows behind the Cavaliers bench.
Devon told me that he's in a video game, that's so awesome,
no one else from Juneau is in a video game....

I'm starting to get my act together, paid my ticket that
Nate got me, it was $61 and something cents. So he owes me
12 bucks. Next thing is getting my truck registered.
After that it's time to start paying my bills. Hopefully I
can get that done quick, because that would be a load off
my shoulders. That's the thing I'm MOST looking forward to

Oh yeah, since it's 6 days until we go to the game,
tomorrow is our 3 month anniversary. I know it's cheesy,
counting the months or whatever, but really though, 3
months is a feat. Especially these days with how people
are. And then like 32 days or something like that until we
go see my mom. I'm so looking forward to then. I miss my
mom so much. And I know she misses me hehehe

But anyway....I best get going. Brad and I have to go pick
up the Jeep today, so I better get some sleep....