2002-10-26 14:32:57 (UTC)

Forget regret... or life is yours to miss.

I had a pretty good birthday. Better night than day. One
thing thats bothering me is, I can not for anything in the
world remember what I did on my 18th birthday. I'm sure it
was with Caroline, well not sure but.. I dont know. I'll
ask Claudia if she remembers cus it's bothering me.
That and I feel old - my childhoods over and fading.
It wasnt the best day, but Matt made it a great night.
And RENT!! oh my god. i loved it so much every second it
was amazing. If I could carry a tune for shit I'd be at the
auditions next week but of course that wouldnt be good...
but it was so fucking awesome. I saw this girl, Kate I
think, that I worked with 2 years ago.. I remember she
liked me a lot, and it was at the time right after me and
Matt broke up... so it wasn't happening for shit, of
course. I felt bad cus I was like "Oh this is my friend
Matt"... to introduce him, but first of all, she knew
very well who he was and second of all, I got the "my
FRIEND??" look from Matt... it wasnt intentional, it
slipped out that way. but anyway it was weird she kept
giving me that look, that i want you uncomfortable type of
look. Whatever.
The whole Maureen and Joanne thing was getting to me
because I always sort of related to it.. but again. fuck
it. "i dont care." I can play her game.. if i wanted to..
Work is good enough... I finally had the money to go to the
eye doctor yesterday, which is definetely a good thing.
matt got his car back yesterday which is kinda cool cus
i'll have more sleep time and less inconvienience at times,
but also a little weird cus we've been together pretty much
every second that we're not sleeping or at work/school so
it may be a little different now, which could be good or
bad. we will see.
i hve now about an hour before i leave for work so i think
since we were out really late last night and i got up
really early for my midterm im guna rest for that hour. im
probably guna make a more regular thing of writing in here
again though. but for now im sleeping