Meshed Up
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2002-10-26 13:05:09 (UTC)


will there ever be an end to this annoying day of mine?

first of all, i found out that the chechen rebels lost.
secondly, some people are bloody getting on my nerves and i
swear i just wanna scream at them. and then i watch a movie
where the guy is a pedophile, the mom's a bitch, the kid's
a bitch, and the only decent person left died.

is that annoying or what?!

what a fucked up world this is. everything's just so bloody

where on earth is lechel? where on earth is that girl when
i bloody need her and talk to her and just rant about
everything. everything is just getting on my silly little

bloody hell. i wanna go home. i wanna go home and just lie
down and scream and tell everybody to shut the fuck up. i
don't even know why i'm so bloody pissed off. i just am.
and i want to go home.

jane's not back yet. grrr. if only i was still in arrow
heights! then i could call her for free and just talk the
night away and just bitch about every little single thing.
because today is definitely not my day. everything's easier
when you say it than when you type it out.

i don't even know why i only feel the surge of my anger
whenever i'm alone typing away. well all i wanna do right
now is scream. and scream. and scream.

she pisses me off. he pisses me off. and he pisses me off.
i don't like her because of her falseness. i don't like him
because of his attitude. and i don't like him because of
his nosiness.

well as chel says, it's usually the wars and conflicts that
make us. and well i do wish i saw the brown moon that she
saw that night and revelled in the gorgeousness of the

so i'm bloody immature. so i can't take criticisms well. so
i can't take it when people diss me or what i believe in.
well big deal. i'll work on all my flaws later. right now,
i just wanna sink in the waves of my anger. let it out lest
i drown.

i don't care if you don't think i'm learning. what do you
know anyway? what do you know about life? about me? you
don't even know who i am. so stop judging me. and i don't
want to listen to you or your boring stories. just because
you're sooooo mature doesn't mean you have the right to say
whether a person is learning or not.

i wanna fly. soar above the skies. i'll probably soak
myself in a nice hot bath and turn up the music as loud as
my eardrums can take it. what a screwed up world this is.
what a bloody screw up i am.

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