The many thoughts of Ann
2001-08-08 05:27:19 (UTC)


i talked to my other ex named mike on the phone today. i
hadn't talked to him since like march on the phone.
haven;t seen him since then either. he is a good kid but he
wants to hook up again in the winter to fool around a shit
but i donno. i dont think i am really sexually attrated to
him anymore, but maybe when i see his gorgeous face again i
will feel differently. we will see. but right now i would
say no.i kinda like this guy jeff ( a different one) jeff
kansun who skis on my team. well i dont like him cuz i
haven;t seen him in forever but i kinda liked him all
season and right now i would rather do stuff with him than
mike, but oh well i dont know if jeff likes me so. ya wut
we will see next ski season. and then there is always the
wonderful james clarkson himself who is just so great. he
is a really nice guy. he makes a great friend and i have
even concidered datin him but he lives in colling wood
which is just to far
oh well
i'll write later