The Big Change( working title)
2001-08-08 05:16:59 (UTC)

The Decision

It is hard to believe that a single yes or no could change
The course of a life so drastically. In my case it did. I
just took a job out of the state I have been in my whole
life. I had 6 hours to make the decision. Even though I
have no significant other or children to consider, my
thoughts were clouded with other considerations; my
parents, my brothers and sisters, my best friends, a job,
with 3 1/2 years tenure. At the 11th hour, I decided to
go. After all, I did have family I was close to up there,
I have wanted to live in that state for a while now, and
besides I loved the country. What did I have to loose?

So now here we are, 3 weeks until the "Big Move" and I am
becoming more convinced each day that my decision is the
right one. At this point I don't think all the money in
the world could keep me here. The only thing to get me to
consider staying is Mr.Right, but he is more afraid of our
closeness then I am. I have this feeling he's not gone forever.