One hell of a life
2002-10-26 09:25:19 (UTC)

10-26-02 entry three

Okay Stage was pretty boring this time. I mean last time
everyone was there, we got to meet Josh, Shaun, etc.
This time? No one. Well, Jason was there with a couple of
his mates and he came over to us and just opened his arms
and hugged me. So friendly. Then he hugged Lois. He's not the
most gorgeous guy but he's sweet. Probably got a real nice

So like we left for Stage after Diva's party which was
alright, (we were sucking in the helium from balloons and
singing in those high voices) and then we went to
Kirst's to wait for her to change, but then Kirst and
Meghan couldn't come out, so Vanessa, Lois and I left in a
taxi. Well yeah..we got lost and got out, started walking
the totally wrong way. We had to fucking call Vivian and
get her to tell ANOTHER taxi driver where to go. So we
finally got there and Vivian was waiting outside Stage
waiting for us. She was still wearing her halloween
costume; the schoolgirl outfit. She kept making out
with Gerwin, which was fine. Anyway, Stage got boring and
we left to go home at 11:40. But oh well.

I guess we'll have more fun next time. Today we rode to
Carrefor to pick up some lunch and ate at Starbucks, then
went back to school cause we had to work on our art
but luckily we couldn't get IN so we have an excuse.

Anyway. I want to meet Josh again...he seems like the kind
of guy who everyone loves but not because he's so cool, or
popular or hot, but because he's so much fun to be around.
He is hilarious...and he IS cute. And damn, his brother
Shaun? He is drop-dead gorgeous, I was drooling over him
the whole time he was there.

Later on...

I miss Ben. It was stupid...what I did to him. Everything
was so perfect, but me being the total bitch I am with my
insecure little mind went n dumped him. And for what?
Cause I couldn't handle him and "needed time to myself".
I'm an independant person, so to say. I need my space, &
he's the kind of guy who'll just give you all his love.
That's the great thing about him. The crappy thing is that
he just sorta seemed clingy. But now? I miss him. Sure,
we still talk and chat and call each other, and sometimes
he'd even tell me that he wished it could all go back to
the way it was, or he'd tell me that he still wanted me.
And what's stopping us from really being together? Not me,
actually. Singapore. Why did he have to move THERE?! Of
all the places...anyway, he's all the way there,
in some American school, and I miss him. I miss him so

BUT I guess I gotta move on sometime, huh. So on I go...
guy-hunting. And who's there so far? Hmm let's see...Josh
who I don't even know and hardly ever see around, and Shaun
who has a fucking girlfriend. What a great catch. HELLO, I
need guys. Or a guy.