le soleil et la lune
2001-08-08 04:54:29 (UTC)

the no good, very bad day

I think that Monday was just doomed to be a bad day. The
night before my mom and I had a pretty big fight, partial
b/c I was raggin, partially b/c I was soo tired from the
events of the previous night and morning, and partially b/c
she didn't have a good time at the beach with Wyman. First
thing in the morning I had a dentist appointment, and i had
to sit there for 30 minutes after the hygienist was done
waiting for the dentist to come see me. Then I had to have
some more plastic or whatever added to one of my sealants,
so that was more dentistry fun. Once I got home I had to
baby-sit, and then I had to take Aimee to her open house at
southeastern, which took for freaking ever, and her english
teacher ignored us for 10 minutes, and Amanda and I didn't
even start towards South until after 7. And who do you
suppose it sitting there in the cafeteria less than 10 feet
from where I need to be? None other than Carl and David.
The big grin I had on my face when I walked in just melted
off. THen it gets worse, I go to get my schedule, and it
isn't in the little box. SO I head to guidance and stand
there with my legs literally shaking b/c I am afraid that
David and Carl will say or do something. Turns out no one
even put me into the computer. Then I talk to CJ and Tiff
and it turns out that like every class I want has a waiting
list or the AP classes are all scheduled at the same damn
time(which fucked a lot of seniors over). So I go to see
Clary, and I'm just sitting there on the couch trying not
to burst into tears, and the only good thing is that Clary,
Casey and I get into a mini-discussion on 1984. He seemed
excited that I had actually done the summer reading, a plus
for me. And one thing bothered me. I was sitting there in
the classroom and I was noticing how GOOD someone in the
room looked, and I had promised myself that I wouldn't do
that b/c all it would do in the long run is cause me to be
hurt when I started being ignored. I mean, I have set
myself up in such a way that I better damn well get used to
it fast. But oh well, I am a big girl and I will deal with
it. So I finish thoroughly depressing myself by sitting
there think about not getting into any of the classes I
need, and I leave. I notice some new scratches on my car
that I figure are courtesy of some of the most mature
people in the world, just to add to the wonderfulness of
the day. When I get home Wyman gets on my back immediately
about getting a job, and then tries to convince my mom to
send me to live with my dad or back to Durham b/c I stood
up for myself. Then, my mom started in on me and I left
and spent the night with Tiffani who has really been there
for me this summer. That in itself is suprising
considering this time last year we weren't speaking. I
guess I retrospect this doesn't sound all that bad, but it
was enough to make me break down once I was alone, and it
takes a LOT for me to break down. Anyway, that's all for
now, and I realize everything I said today was boring, but
oh well, that's what you get when I'm tired.