My Journal...sorta lol
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2002-10-26 08:08:03 (UTC)

to many emotions! yeesh hehe 10-25

Alrighty then! This day was full of ups and downs... It
started off kinda on the down side... I woke up and felt
like shit, like physically. My throat killed and I had a
headache and whatnot... so then I went back to lay in bed
and relax and I put my stereo on soft and this song comes
on and I just start bawling lol! It just got to me.. idk,
like I was just chillin there alone in my bed and im like i
am so lonely and tired of trying to be happy(its like i
shouldnt have to try i should just BE happy) yea so then
w/e i took a shower and V and Tina came to get me to go the
bank, and when i walk out V is like whats wrong with your
eyes, you look sad... i hate that!!!! i hate how people can
read me like that damnit why cant I just be one of those
people that no one can figure out lol w/e! so then yea we
chill for awhile then later I go to pick up my check from
work, get harassed by my lovely fellow co-workers hehe and
then go cash that check... then brandon came over to watch
a movie then i went out with V and michelle... so then we
come back to my house cuz we had nothin better to do and I
go online and ashley is on... well we had a talk... I hope
she understands what I said and everything is ok now... I
know i explained part of what Im feelin... idk this is so
dumb, its over a guy (sure a really great guy) but a guy
none the less.. and theres no reason why this should even
be causing kaos! She thinks that I would hurt her and like
do something to break them up or something and i would
NEVER do that... I think Im just gunna lay low and back off
for awhile...idk..its late i need sleep


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