lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-10-26 07:05:56 (UTC)

boob job

yes, you read that right. a boob job. my parents' big
surprise they've been waiting to unleash on me? a trip
to the plastic surgeon.

ahh wow. the weirdest dream i ever had. i've been
having crazy crackhead dreams lately about getting my
body pierced and having implants and freaking
everything...i'm soo weird. dreams about altering your
appearance are supposed to be significant...right?
guess we'll see.

today was mt. sac. i got a PR, and it was pretty dang
tight. we ran in the freaking pouring rain...actually it
must have let up for a while during the race but i never was a good race...

then i got home & chilled for a while...tried to stretch out
this beast of a nation shoulder nerve such
luck. what happened- in case you're out of the loop- is
that i got yanked playing kajabe and something's out of
whack my arm starts tingling from my
shoulder to my elbow and i have random hand spasms
and it's reeeeally freaky. plus my neck & back are just
extra- sore. oh well.

and then i went out for coffee with the edmeister but we
didn't really get any coffee...we just kind of sat around
until our time was up and then we went home...pretty
exciting, i know...

i'm kind of tired now...if i go to bed soon, i can get 11
hours sleep!!! YAY!!!

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