the magenta files
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2002-10-26 06:10:03 (UTC)

took a picture

what does it mean when you start seeing faces in cookies
you bake? the first one was just a face. it scared me. i
didn't like it. but it was still cool. you know? the second
one looked like Quasimodo, but reminded me of the elepant
man- yes they are completely different. don't you ever see
someone 9in a picture in some ad, someone you don't know,
and you are reminded of someone who doesn't reallt look
like them at all? My sister is an Oscar De La Renta ad, a
good one. a bit later i was read that letter- the one to
mrs. Kendal. yes, i did cry a little. it's so wonderful,
that play- sad and intelligent and sophisticated yet raw
and honest at the same time... and wise. i want.