It smells like poop over here
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2002-10-26 06:02:08 (UTC)

went to the vu with joe and..

went to the vu with joe and rich for joe's 18th b-day.
it was yesterday, but we went friday. oh man, i got a
wicked bad dance from tabitha, she had some pudge, with
thick thighs and a wide ass, man did i want her. she was
fucking hot. then i got the 2 girls for $30, harmony and
alex. harmony was a lil thicker than tabitha, also very
sassy. alex was butterface, but they both had huge
tigo-bitties. best dances i ever got. whoda thought that
having some hot stranger rub her ass on your cock would be
so great...well, every guy i suppose. lauren, that chick
i've had a crush on since the 4th grade might be coming to
the get together tomorrow. hopefully, i haven't seen her in
eons. damn, she was hot too. so is her sister. PEACE


i love ass, i love titties, i like lots and lots of big,
fat pussy. (not really fat but...you get the joke, if you
odn't, blame it on what i was smoking)

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