Trials and Tribulations of me

the trials and tribulations of me
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2001-08-08 04:37:11 (UTC)

People make me mad

Ya, so i kinda thought that everything was going too be
okay with doug and i. kinda stupid for me to think that i
guess. so i guess this whole idea started last night when
colleen(my best friend) and i called him to see what was up
and they told us too meet a jeremy's house. so we did and
everything was cool. doug and i were actually talking
normal, and looking at eachother too!!wow, what a concept.
so jeremy was joking around with me and he said something
and doug gave me this "do you remember that".
so we had too go home and i followed doug across town till
he saw joe and pulled a u-ie. so i was like well,
whatever. its good to be frineds with him again. so i get
online(how come ihave good converstaions online??) and we
were having small talk, i dont like too talk too him alot
on line cause i dont want too make it seem like i like him
or something. so i told him i was going too go to bed, and
he did his usual "ight, night" thing. so i did my
usual "g'night, sleep tight". and he said goodnight girl,
which is something a little extra. so i didnt sign off yet
and out of no where hes like "peace luv"...okay so this one
took me by suprise. i thought nothing of it. so then this
morning i wanted my sun glasses back and guess who had
them. so i called him and he was like ya, its my first day
at work, you should come and visit me, hes like begging
me. so i did and he didnt even have too work, so he said
he would call me when he found something too do...and he
never called. suprise suprise. i hate boys. i know im
being supid for even thinking this kid still have feelings
for me. i know i am.