le soleil et la lune
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2001-08-08 04:21:59 (UTC)

last saturday

Okay, then Saturday was when I had invited Tiff and CJ
and Katie to come over to stay. So I spent the day
scrubbing the place down and washing all the sheets, and
just overall preparing. Katie came over and we were going
to make a big dinner and then just decided to make pizza.
We went to go pick up some junk food and I ended up
inviting Casey to come over. Amanda came over and we
watched 16 candles, and pretty much had an uneventful
visit. Cool, but uneventful. I wish Amanda's mom would
let her have a life. She had to leave when Katie went to
go get CJ and Tiff, and I went to get Casey. Tiff souldn't
come since she had to be at work so early(which sucked, she
missed out on a lot of fun). So we played 10 fingers and
Katie said something interesting about masturbation that I
won't repeat, but it was pretty damn hilarious, I think
mostly b/c it was coming from her. We also played truth or
dare. I have never liked that game. While it is
interesting to find out the truth's it's not as cool to
find them out when the apply to you. They can be
embarrassing to both parties concerned. Oh, and we had
some a lot of fun playing twister. I always knew it would
be a good game for people my age to play, b/c of the
intersting positions you end up in. We also watch
something, um, intersting that Wyman taped off of HBO, and
I am sure that none of us will forget the glow in the dark
condom, the rhino, or "I just went out for a beer". And
I'm sure when someone mentions anything about a potato,
some "different" things will come to mind. The four of us
tried to sleep in my parents bed(we decided to go to sleep
some time after 5, and CJ wanted to be up by 10). The
order was me, Casey, CJ, Katie. But as I said in a
previous entry, CJ takes up a lot of space when he sleeps.
So at some point Katie went to the couch to sleep, and I
went to sleep in Sammy's room. My poor house was destroyed!