le soleil et la lune
2001-08-08 03:59:30 (UTC)

last friday

This past weekend my parents went to the beach and actually
trusted me enough to let me have the house for the
weekend. Well, needless to say I was shocked. But anyway,
Friday after they left I went and enrolled myself in big
ole South Stokes High School for my senior year. Then I
went home to wait on my call from Old Navy which never
came. So early that evening I get a call. It turns out to
be Yvon, and she is calling from the Food Lion in Walnut
Cove. SO she is in from Oklahoma until this weekend. I
feel bad, but I've been avoiding her. So she calls, and
her dad gives us $20 to go out and get something to eat,
and inform her of the whole deal that's been going on with
David over a pepperoni lovers pizza at Milano's. This, the
girl who keeps refering to herself as my sister, and of all
things she says "Oh yeah, I need to call him so we can go
out sometime". I'm just sitting here like, you are SUCH a
great friend. Okay, so after I dropped her off(thank
God!) I went to meet Katie and Nathan at Food Lion so we
could go see a movie(Jurassic Park III), but Nathan also
brought his little brother Nick with him, which neither one
of us was expecting. It was okay, I mean, Nick is a cool
kid, it's just that he has a mental handicap so with
somethings he is a little slow. But anyway, the movie was
good even though it is a little short. Oops, I'm being
boring. Okay, after we got back Katie and I went over to
CJ's house. I wanted to go see his mom b/c I had promised
I would, and she hadn't seen CJ in a while. SO we went
over there, and then after I took Katie back to her car I
went back, and momma pretty much decided I was spending the
night. I saw no problem with that, I love staying over
there b/c CJ's parents are such a trip, and I love them.
But we were sitting in his parents room and we made them
take the bitch test and the sex test at, so I
learned a lot about his parents that I REALLY didn't need
to know. Then I went through CJ's wallet, but neither one
of us put his condom back in it, and his mom found it
sitting on the bed. IT was hilarious. I have never seen
CJ turn so red before. He was telling his mom it was candy
and then hitting me and calling me a bitch b/c I hadn't put
it up. We laughed for about an hour, but I felt sorry for
CJ. I guess I was one of those things that you would have
to be there for. Anyway, CJ and I slept together that
night. Get your mind out of the gutter, all we did was
sleep, with a sheet and a pile of pillows between us. And
I learned that no one should ever sleep with that boy b/c
you will end up clinging for dear life to stay on the bed.
He just takes up the whole thing. It's like his body
expands while he sleeps or something I swear.

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