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2001-08-08 03:44:46 (UTC)

August 07,2001

Dear Friend,
Daniel and Brenda was by the store today.He's fifty and
she's 25.Their marriage has caused Daniel problems at
work.Its not entirely the age difference much of the
problems stem from her past drug use and small town gossip.
Love will find a way and if it does not, chalk it up to
experience and move on.
Bree called and it was good to hear her voice.She is
having trouble with her husband and she will always have
problems with her love life.She has been married five times.
Bree loves the adventure of new love and who doesnt.Its fun
to have all those highs surging through your body.Its the
thrill,the chill,and the tingle that traps us all.
Listening to old rock songs on the radio and wondering
what I am going to write about next.I figure no one will
ever read these entries so I can write about what I want as
long as its not harmful or hateful toward others.And I would
never be mean for the sake of being mean.But if no one is
reading this but me, then I can find the freedom to write
about anything I want to write about.I can talk about
actions and reactions,goverments and politics,or love and
life.Or I could write about all of the above.Or I could write a poem.

Who am I?
I am me
no more
no less
than I should be.