Meshed Up
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2002-10-26 03:02:14 (UTC)


she's dead. after years and years of struggling with
leukemia, she has finally gone.

whether it was a battle she lost or won...i can't really
say. all i know is, she's now at peace. now safe.

i received the news yesterday. i still remember feeling a
pang of sadness. i didn't know her tht well, but i do
remember the first time i met her. she was young, happy and
slightly aloof. i didn't talk to her that much.

the next time i saw her, she had a cap on because her hair
had fallen off. due to chemotherapy, i was told. she was
frustrated, she was struggling, yet she tried to keep a
smiling and happy face for everyone to see.

the third time i saw her, her cap was still on, and she had
a mask over her nose and mouth. it was to filter the air
that she breathed. nobody could really see her smile
anymore except to look at her eyes when they crinkle up,
and to hear her cheerful voice.

the fourth time i saw her, she wasn't wearing her mask
anymore. and her hair was growing. i was told that she was
getting better, that her condition was becoming stable. i
was happy then. really happy. prayer works after all.

afterwards i heard she was sent to china for a bone marrow
transplant. but she the chinese doctors sent her back
because they claimed that there was no hope left for her.

then she started to ask for blood donations. friends and
families gave her blood. prayers were said. and i heard
that she was becoming more and more frustrated with life.
but she still kept persevering, kept fighting.

then the news came yesterday. first a text message saying
that genevieve was in her last breath. whatever that means,
i can't be too sure. all i knew was...she was dying.

then the email came. she was dead. she passed away
yesterday morning.

i couldn't really bring myself to cry. all i knew was i
felt this ache within me.

death. she's gone. she's gone.

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