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2001-08-08 03:15:14 (UTC)

August 8, 2001

Have you ever embarassed yourself in fron of your crush?
No? Yes? Well, I haven't but some people I know do. Anyway,
I have this classmate and she really irritates the hell out
of me. You know why? Well, this is the story...

Every time she sees her crush, she goes crazy. She goes
around inside the classroom and then keeps on shouting her
crush' name. She even pulls her hair out. I'm telling you,
she makes me puke. You know why? She keeps on telling that
her crush knows that she has a crush on him. Why wouldn't
he know, there is a window on the door of the classroom and
he could see her cavorting inside the classroom. She would
peek outside and when she sees him she would really go
crazy. Excuse me, but it was really irritating. It was so
immature the way she acts. she could have just smiled when
she sees him, but NO, SHE DID NOT. SHE makes it obvious.
She could have done it in a more calm way, you know. She
didn't have to act like that.

Anyway, she seems to look like a no-class person because of
that. She's like a coquettish little bitch. It was really a
pity because she is really intelligent and she had to act
like THAT.