My So called crapy life
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2001-08-08 02:48:57 (UTC)

August 7th 2001

well today was not any thing specail! I wint to practices
(I'm skippin maro) and then I came home had a nice kool
down shower, slept alot! (i mean alot) and wint to work at
3 (wow) at work it was a drag I was there till uck like 10
lil after because I was closen, and the manger was taken
for EVER! to fin her paper work and we couldn't leave with
out her cuz we were the last 4 ppl there. so we wated and
wated and then she is like o I gotta go do some thing and
we are like no we will! so we did half her work god she was
slow, but then I got home and I'm typen this about how I
told you that today was not really any thing special! and
how I wint to practices this morn. omg I'm jsut telling my
hole crapy day over ahhhh! nooooo I don't want to relive
this crapy day! well bye. I'm going to post a poem after