My Journal...sorta lol
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2002-10-26 00:42:33 (UTC)

Just for ash!

Ok girlie I just read your entry and we got this all wrong!
ok yea that one night i was just playin about cartin you to
see dan and whatnot... and the thing when you were at his
house and I called first off it wasnt me that called, it
was nicole... she wanted to bring him with us but i said to
her no he was with you that night but she insisted we call
anyway... so its not like im trying to be a backstabbing
bitch or anything... and no I would never just drop you as
a friend! i cant believe you would even think that... yea
we havent known eachother for long but youre still my
friend... things i say or do might come off the wrong way
and im sorry... i would never mess things up for you guys
and if you think i would, you just dont know me that
well... im sorry for all this shit...we need to really talk
this over... :(