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2001-08-08 02:48:18 (UTC)

hubert are you ok?

oh no hubert! you sound really sick! i hope that you get
better really soon. don't stress yourself, ok? i'm so tired!
i had to go to work today. it wasn't very hard
today....surprisingly. we had a really stupid truck driver
bring us our groceries. he dropped 4 of our boxes about 5
feet to the ground from his truck. he was really dumb. i had
to go order my lenses for my new glasses today. i get them
in a week or less. tonight when i got home we let jack and
joe out of their pen. i rode joe for a LONG way! i should
get a cookie. i bit the dirt three times tho. that sux but
oh well. my dad's 40th b-day is tomorrow and i decorated the
office tonight. it looks really cool. chelle, i'm gonna
bring the cards that we got to your house so we can play
spit with them. they're really huge. i should probly go to
sleep cuz i'm really tired.
hubert- i'm gonna call ya tomorrow and make sure that you're
ok!!!! i sure hope so. otherwise i'm gonna be sad:(