Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2001-08-08 02:20:36 (UTC)

Aaaahhhh!! The dentist!

Today I had to go see Dr. Buehler, my dentist, to get
my cavities filled. Luckily, he only decided to fill one,
because the other one was so mild, and I didn't have to
suffer for long.
I've been so sick the past few days. I stayed home
from work on Monday, but I still feel like shit today. I'm
totally nauseous and I have a killer headache. I think it's
a migraine, and it's what's causing the nausea. Ryan's in
the bathroom right now, so I can actually write without the
fear of him looking over my shoulder (not that I ever write
anything incriminating....because I don't even do anything
incriminating...). I wish I felt better. I just want to
puke, but even when I gagged myself I just had dry heaves.
I guess I've completely recovered from my bulemic days.
Dammit, Ryan's out of the bathroom. Not that I have
anything interesting to say.
Ryan hooked up the computer on the coffee table that's
right in front of the couch, so we could watch DVD's on the
couch rather than in the computer chair (good idea). So
right now, I'm sitting on the couch as I type. I want a
laptop so I can be comfortable when I'm on the computer all
the time. Okay well, there's not much else to say right
now. Talk to you later!