Nicole Coffman

the problems of growin up!
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2002-10-25 20:52:11 (UTC)

Trouble in Beverly hills!!!!!!!

ok first i dont live in beverly hills but compared to some
of the depressed people on this site i feel like a valley
girl. I recently turned 15, WOW not! Feels the same just a
little more hormone driven i cry at EVERYTHING. Im having
so much boy trouble its not so much there crawling over
me but there all backing away. at the beggining of
september at least 10 guys lked me then they like just
disappered!!!! Ya me and my best freinds think we are ready
to lose our virginity but im not sure, im not comfortable.
ya so changing the topic. these on line diaries are weird
the one i have stashed undernealth my bed is me just
writing now i feel im actually writing so its not so much
a diary but a story!! I think ill never find out guys. I
wear my heart on my sleeve and tell them how I feel but
they reject and its not that im ugly i think im DAMN cute.
I m no britany spears but who wants to be? well got to go
meet my guy freind hes so hot but he only wants to be
freind unfortunatly. My final thought woudnt it be great if
guys had tits? then theyd leave ours alone? ithink theyd
appreciate them more to! I think they are an inconvienece!!