Suzie Q

life with me
2001-08-08 01:48:29 (UTC)

bad news

Well, I guess I haven't wrote in a few days. But I've
been kinda busy. Yesterday was my first day of school. It
was pretty good, all of my classes are really easy, plus,
I don't have any teachers that really give homework. Allen
and I have worked out most of our problems. He went to see
his probation officer yesterday. Last month when he went
he failed his drug test. (for cocaine) This month he
didn't have to take one, but his probation officer told him
that he had a year of rehap for failing last month. He
could have 6 months rehap and then 6 months more probation,
or whatever, however they want to set it up. Or, jail for
3 months. No more bootcamp for him neither, he'll actually
have to go to jail this time. I don't know. Allen says he
would rather have three months in jail that 1 year of
rehap/probation. I don't know. I think it might actually
be good for him. Although I wouldn't tell him that. He
hasn't called me yet today. I don't know if he's off
getting into trouble or if he went to see his p.o. about
taking jail time instead of rehab. Anyhow. He was acting
more like himself yesterday. Tickling me and wanting me to
play in his hair. Maybe he is coming out of this depressed
mood he has been in lately. Well, later, I guess.