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2002-10-25 18:41:33 (UTC)

October 25, 2002 11:32AM (Friday)

I slept in this morning. I set my alarm last night for
6:00AM but I must have not heard it. I stayed up so late
last night trying to clean my room and get rid a bunch of
junk. As I was going through my old stuff though memories
came back of when I used to live in California. I
remembered all the people that I used to kick it with and I
wanted so badly to go back. Just for one day I wish I could
go back and spend time with my old friends. Be with my
family. I miss them so much. I miss the familiar. Here in
Las Vegas everything is so unfamiliar, everyone is so rude
too. Anyways, I have school today at 1:30PM and I have to
take the bus at 12:32PM to get there on time. I had like $4
but I lost it. It sucks because that's all the money I had.
I'm so hungry too. I can't eat at my sister's because I
already owe her a little bit of money for the phone bill.
Last night I prayed and God spoke to me but I forgot what
was said. I'll remember later and post it here. Anyways, I
better go for now. Ugh I'm so sick n tired of school.