Love,Life and my other problems
2001-08-08 00:38:48 (UTC)

Love life is non existent

Oh god, oh god, what have I done to deserve this?Who knew a
crush would cause my heart to be insuch a violent mood of
getting sick? I started liking this guy Richard sometime in
May, and my best friend kinda knew him so she decided to
ask him out for me. I said no but she went and did it
anyway, and I got so scared and shy that I ran straight
into a passport machine, so he didn't see me. Then today my
best friend(ruth) tells me she met him and his best friend
who SHE fancies and was talking to them. Now a couple of
nights ago I was messing around with my instant messenger
and looked up his name. Without realising it, it sent a
message to him telling him how to join msn messenger with
MY name on it. And Ruth this morning told them she was
meeting her friend Caitriona(me) later and he got this
funny look on his face and walked off. And then ruth tells
me her brother, who is friends with richard's friends, was
told by richards friend Josh that he got an e-mail from a
girl called Caitriona(yes,me). Ruth's bro told ruth this
and asked was it by any chance her best friend Caitriona
(yes,ME!) So that's my life. Anyone wanna trade?