I never wanted a desk job...
2002-10-25 14:28:53 (UTC)

Cheap drinking...

Is in store tonight. TGIF! Also, the quicker today goes
by, the quicker tomorrow will get here, and then I will
have my baba back home. He made it down to Boise allright,
said the lady he drove with drove like a bat out of hell!
If I remember right, the last time we went down there it
took us approx. 8 and a half hours. They made it there in
7. I never thought A. to be that kind of driver, she seems
like such a sweet old lady. But I've come to the
conclusion that there are two types of elderly drivers,
those who drive slower than paint dries or so fast that the
entire experience feels like a series of heart attacks...

Yesterday was pretty uneventful. I slept in and took M. to
meet A., got into work at, oh, about 9:30. Then the two
guys in my department and I went out to lunch and gambled
(whoo hoo I won six bucks, not bad for someone who stays
away from those machines), and then I stayed late to work
on some material to send to a potential client in Canada.
I got home at about six, let in the cat, fed the cat,
ordered a pizza, watched Survivor and CSI (damn it was a
repeat), talked to M., and went to bed. It's kind of nice
to be antisocial for a change. Tonight a bunch of girls
from my other job (I'm also on banquet crew at a hotel in
town) and I are going to have a girl's night out, which
pretty much consists of getting shitfaced and talking about
boys...lol It'll be nice because I won't have to worry
about getting M. drunk, too, and that's a chore in itself!

But anywho, not much else to say...my piercing is healing
nicely, and it's freakin COLD outside (14F when I left for
work this morning...BRRRRR!)