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2001-08-07 23:40:28 (UTC)

It's Summer!?

Why is it that every year kids all over the country look
forward to the end of June; for the last day of school? It
seems to me that once summer starts the first two weeks are
really fun... Parties, staying up late...

But after that, it all changes. Suddenly u need money to
still have fun --so you have to get a job-- then you start
to worry about college --so you take summer school-- than
on the weekends, when you dont go to work or school you try
to call up your frineds. What do you know, their on

Im calling for an end to all work over the summer!

No school! No summer jobs! No summer reading!

If you by chance do read this, please respond if you agree
or not, id appreciate your views.