My Life
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2001-08-07 23:27:11 (UTC)

Another EXCITING Day (Not Really)

Today was a pretty regular day. I over-slept actually
because I forgot to set my alarm. Justine's call woke me
up and I rode my bike to her house then we continued to
ride to the beach together. When we got there, we talked
to Jon for a while, then found Jason. Justine took some
pictures of everyone, including me. (I hate pictures.)
Then we walked to The Freeze and got some good ice cream
and slushies. When we got back to the beach, Jon and jason
were swimming and when they saw us they just kept
swimming. Justine and I hung out and talked for a long
time. When we went to leave we saw Jon and Larissa and
Justine got really mad. We found Jason and he confirmed
that it was Larissa, and Justine and I left. She is
thinking about breaking up with him. Personally I don't
care if she does or doesn't. Just as long as she's happy.
Mom rented Cast Away so I'm probably gonna watch that today.
G2G now, bye bye.


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