From the other side of the wall.
2002-10-25 08:48:23 (UTC)

i'm working on becoming a pacifist...

Putting myself on the lamb
It’s plain to see
Disguising myself
So that others may be

Trying to crucify your rights
And then I find that you’ll sell me out
In the end…

Maybe my words are selfish
Maybe my thoughts aren’t clear
But one thing is almost certain
Your friends aren’t forbidden
Another service of your tool

And I ceased feeling pain
The moment you turned to disdain
Nothing is amber clear
And my own thoughts I fear

Pulled into your circus
A blind folly circumcised
Never left in the august
Subtle burning skies

I was there for you
Until you weren’t there for me…

This all seems like a trifle bit
The blind leading the constituite
But this is hunger for me
The rotten air which I breathe

In no time
Another betrayal
Glossy with turpentine
Don’t expect anything else
I’ve already given my lies to you
I hope the pain runs deep
When the sun comes shinning through

And your mornings
Are weak paths
And your thoughts of this place
Where you seek to bury your past

Fresh are the wounds on my hands
I don’t expect your self-serving mind to understand
This is my fault, isn’t it?
This is my pain and pleasure

I systematically persevere your presence
Lost inside my existence
Forward and perseverance
And it’s keeping me here

Why…I don’t know
How…it moves to slow
My anger…a hit from below

You don’t feel
The immediate surrender
The pacifist calling eye dog

The forward press passes…
Are located
in the west fortress of your mind
Sympathy…came to me…

And now, I don’t feel you anymore
And now, you’re not knocking me down
My door is closed
this is the end…
The sacrificial lamb

As angry as I am now
Correspondence beautify
My utter laments
My sour stories of you
My painful mixture of blue.


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