From the other side of the wall.
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2002-10-25 08:39:57 (UTC)

The begining...

To all who may read this....but specificaly to the billions
who won't....hello.

my name is matthew. a sailor in the navy and a whore to the
government. this is where i'll keep my thoughts and travels
as i am shipped around the world to drop bombs on people i
don't really have a problem with. hey, it's my job. that's
justifiable...right? that's what nazi soldiers said at the
war-crime tribunal post WW2. oh well, not to long to go.
2005...o.k. i have long to go. i'm trying to play it down a
bit. if i can keep time out of my head it may go by
quicker. maybe not, but one can hope. ileave in two weeks
to go to the 'Gulf'. dreaded and feared, i am weighing the
option of jumping overboard mid-pacific. anyway, that's it.
my introduction. if you read this garble, thanks for taking
the time. and if you don't, thanks for being somewhere