My Life
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2002-10-25 08:30:14 (UTC)

Sadness Again

Well tonight sucked ass my ex luis was here at my house and
he wouldnt leave me alone I was trying to talk to my baby
on the phone and he was listening like I told him go the
fuck away think he would listen NO! I swear hes a fucking
asshole I hate his guts I wish sometimes he would disappear
anyways, my dogs are still gone :'(. On a happier note
things are awesome with Ryan I totally am so in love with
him I adore him to pieces he is my life and I wanna say
thanks ryan for always being there for me I love you more
then u will ever know Ryan question for you if you read
this. Will you go steady with me baby? well im out folks
Love ya Ry Ry


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